A Simple Concept

TOMA Dominos is based on a simple premise: to infuse the age-old game of dominos with the attitude and style of its players . 

We want to help players who:

1. Love to play but are tired of seeing the same boring sets of dominos.
2. Are looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones.
3. Enjoy a quality domino that is thick, durable and feels good to play with.
4. Want to collect a functional piece of cultural art.

Our Story

As a domino player and graphic designer, I always wondered why dominos only really ever came in a couple designs. I loved going to the store to find red, green and blue dominos, but even those felt boring after I saw them at every other household party during the holidays.

After endless searching, I decided to make my own, and TOMA Domino was born. 

TOMA Dominos follow two basic principles: be beautiful on and off the table and be a damn good domino set to play with. With that in mind we make sure each of our collectors domino sets are designed with the player at the center. Each piece is made with thick materials and a premium metal spinner so that they are smooth to shuffle and feel powerful to lay down on the table.

Our designs showcase the culture and interests of our players while also breaking new ground with how we see each piece on the table. Each TOMA Original domino set is made with an assortment of custom pips, colorful dividers and unique backs that make every game a memorable moment.

And as we continue to grow, so do our offerings for your family gatherings and holiday parties, including dominos trays(that fit all the dominos), leather scorepads, artist collaborations and more! 

We are absolutely thrilled to charge dominos with the energy of our players and ecstatic that you are a part of that journey with TOMA Dominos!